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Body Treatments


Back-olious back treatment - Excellent treatment to give your back some pampering. Soothe away those tired sore shoulders and back. The back is first exfoliated with a marine mineral scrub to remove all the dead skin cells. The back is then brushed with a body brush to stimulate the skin and encourage the blood circulation. The back is then treated to a massage with a citrus oil to thoroughly relax you. A moisturising mask is then applied to the skin and you are rapped in towels. While the mask is working its magic, a massage of the lower leg and feet is carried out. The mask is then removed with hot towels and a moisturiser is applied.
Duration - 45 Mins.

Citrus Body Glow - Experience an invigorating full body scrub and massage with citrus massage oil. This will stimulate dull lifeless skin, and leave you feeling smooth and relaxed.
Duration - 45 Mins.

Baby Bump - Starts with a relaxing foot soak and back cleanse and massage. It is finished with a soothing foot and leg massage and a shoulder and neck massage.
Duration - 30 Mins.

Beautiful Baby Bump - It is the ultimate pampering experience for mums-to-be and new mums. It's a pamper from head to toe. The treatment starts with a relaxing and soothing foot soak and a back cleanse and massage. This is followed by a Priadara Experience Facial with shoulder, neck and facial massage. While the face mask is left to work its magic a soothing lower leg and foot massage is carried out. To finish off the treatment the toe nails are painted.
Duration - 1 Hour 15 Mins.