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Facial Treatments

Priadara products have natural botanical plant, herbal and flower extracts, essential oils, vitamins, exotic seed oils, vegetable extracts, UV B protection and mineral preservatives.

These customised facial treatments are in three different varieties.

Sedate - The sedating range reduces redness, irritation and restores skin health. Mango seed and vitamin E counteract tightness adding moisutre. Raspberry extract reduces sensitivity while camomile, lavender and neroli provide gentle soothing, anti-inflammatory and regenerating properties.

Quench - A Quenching facial replenishes the skin's natural moisture levels protecting against the elements. Bathe dry, dehydrated skins with humectants, nutrients and vitamins from botanical extracts. Hemp oil essential fatty acids improve the hydro lipid coat of the skin responsible for good cellular health. Sandalwood, frankincense and neroli all feed moisture to these skins whilst panthenol aids healing.

Energise - The Energising range stimulates cell metabolism and renewal where skin energy is sluggish. Improves elasticity, softens fine lines and wrinkles. Lemon is key to skin looking brighter and lively. Whilst avocado balances moisture, borage oil rich in GLA, repairs the cells. Vitamin rich rose and sandalwood nurture and nourish to leave the skin looking and feeling younger.


Control - Ideal for oily/overactive skins providing deep cleansing and detoxification of the skin without causing unnecessary dryness. Aloevera, grapefruit, cypress and May Chang will soothe and draw impurities. Allanloin and safflower promote skin healing and balance.

Express Fresh Facial - This facial treatment includes cleanse, tone, skin scrub, and moisturiser.
Duration - 20 Mins.

Priadara Aroma Facial - Incorporates natural essential oils, well known for their wonderful effects on the skin and induces a feeling of well being. Includes cleanse, tone, massage with essential oils, and moisturiser.
Duration - 30 Mins.

Priadara Experience Facial - This facial treatment includes cleanse, tone, skin scrub, neck, shoulder and face massage, non setting mask and moisturiser.
Duration - 40 Mins.

Priadara Active Facial with Coral Algae Mask - This facial includes, cleansing, toning, then a flexible peel-off multi-functional face mask composed of three different types of coral algae. Coral algae are rich in polysaccharides - similar to those in our skin! They have wonderful moisturising effects and are powerful cell regenerators. This mask bathes the skin cells in an abundance of natural minerals found in the algae, capillaries are strengthened, cell metabolism stimulated and skin tone restored. The addition of vitamin C gives the mask a powerful anti-oxidant to fight free radicals damage. Stressed skins, skins in need of cell repair, dehydrated or unbalanced skins all benefit from this mask.
Duration - 45 Mins.

Rejuvenation Facial - A deluxe micro dermabrasion facial particularly designed to improve the texture of facial skin. It uses corundum crystals which polish and refine the skin by gently removing dead skin cells. The treatment really concentrates on the areas of concern, e.g. lines, wrinkles, or acne scars. Please be aware that due to the nature of this treatment there are certain contra-indications and treatment may not be able to be carried out if contra-indications prevent it. Includes, cleanse, tone, micro dermabrasion, massage, a mask, and a moisturiser.
Duration - 45 Mins.